Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sette Luna

My husband and I ate at Sette Luna for our first wedding anniversary, which was about a month ago, but I just had to post a review since I fell in love with his restaurant. We decided to eat at Sette Luna after hearing rave reviews and the restaurant definitely lived up to its expectations! It was phenomenal! We started at the bar because they do not take reservations and we were definitely going to wait. We got drinks at the bar, which was really nice. My husband had white wine and I had a dirty martini. It was one of the best martini’s I've ever had. Then before we knew it we were ready to be seated. After we received our menus they brought us complimentary olives, Delish! More restaurants should offer olives or peppers instead of bread or just bread. For starters we had to try the pizza, since we’d smelled while sitting at the bar. We decided on the Torino Bianca, which is evoo garlic pesto, potatoes and parmigiano regiano. It came out super crisp and absolutely divine! The crust is super thin and the pesto and potatoes blend perfectly. It was a little garlicky for a date night but my husband and I don't mind that. This pizza is a must try! We didn’t finish the whole pizza since we wanted to try more of the menu. Next, I got the arugula salad and it was a perfect salad in my eyes. I love simple ingredients that let the greens shine and this salad was perfect in my eyes. It's a bed of arugula dressed in evoo salt and lemon and topped with shaved Parm! Yumm! For dinner my husband had the Bistecca which is grilled NY strip topped with gorgonzola, he opted to get risotto on the side instead of the spinach salad (he’s not really one for greens) and he said it was amazing! I had the Agnolotti con Zucca aka butternut squash ravioli. I asked if this was vegetarian and they said it wasn't but they could use pasta water instead of chicken broth for the sauce. It was good but I could see how the chicken broth would make this dish amazing. The table next to us had the homemade fettuccini one with bolognaise and the other with Alfredo sauce. I will definitely try the Fettuccini Alfredo on my next visit, which hopefully is soon. I really wish I still lived in the area because they are bringing in some wonderful restaurants and this is a must try!


Torino Bianca



Agnolotti con Zucca

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