Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bringing a Little Bit of Summer Back

It is blistering cold out side and the snow is here to stay so I need a little bit of a reminder of summer. Fresh light and healthy dishes are a great way to have the taste of summer while cranking your heater up to 75!

The smell of steak floating through the air always brings me back to summer so I decided that's what Dom was having and I figured the goat cheese would lighten up a bit.

Steak with Goat Cheese

Simply season your steak with salt and pepper. Then sear in a metal pan with butter. About 2-3 minutes on each side for medium rare. Then add top with goat cheese.

Dom’s not a true fan of goat cheese like I am, but he really enjoyed this steak. It was simple and perfect and now is one of his favorites.

For me I created a light white bean burger with a lot of flavor.

White Bean Burger with Goat Cheese

1 ½ -2 cups of cooked white beans

Seasonings: Italian seasoning, garlic powder, onion powder, salt and pepper.

First soak your beans in water overnight and cook until tender according to package instructions. Then mash with a fork, a potato masher’s holes are too big. Add salt, pepper, Italian seasoning, garlic powder, and onion powder to your liking, a generous pinch of each. Form into burgers 3-4 and sear in a little bit of evoo until golden brown on each side. Be careful flipping these burgers, since they fall apart easier than normal bean burgers. Top with goat cheese. If you want to make these vegan just omit the goat cheese.

 I like this patty because it is pure protein a lot of veggie burgers are loaded with egg’s and breadcrumbs so this is a healthier version.

I ate these for left-over’s on homemade rolls from Alice bakery with lettuce and tomato and they were wonderful!

To go along with out steak and white bean burgers I made oven fries, which are a lighter healthier version of deep fried fries.

Oven Fries

1 large potato or 2 small/medium potatoes per person.
Salt and Pepper

Preheat oven to 400. Cut potatoes into desired thickness coat in evoo and place on a baking sheet. Then sprinkle with salt and pepper and toss. Cook oven fries for about 30 minutes depending on thickness.

Nothing reminds me more of summer than a fresh tomato salad, so it was the perfect paring for our dinner.

Simply cut up vine ripened tomatoes and cucumbers, toss with evoo and salt and pepper and you have a perfect summer tomato salad!

I really enjoyed bringing back a little bit of summer food in my household and I hope you incorporate some of your favorite summer recipes in your winter cooking!

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