Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tomato Sandwich

If there is one particular food that sparks memories of my childhood in the summer it is a tomato sandwich. My dad got started me on eating them. We'd take sunbeam white bread or sometimes Italian white sandwich bread, spread miracle whip on both sides, add slices of a perfectly ripe tomato from our garden, and some salt and pepper. The soft white bread, the juicy tomatoes, the miracle whip and tomato juice running down the sides of my hand, I can just imagine it now. For those of you that I've upset in the food world by using words such as sunbeam bread and miracle whip, I apologize but sometimes tradition calls for foods we don't normally eat.

Now onto the sandwich I actually created for today's post. It was made with wonderful ciabatta bread from Alice Bakery, organic basil mayo, fresh tomatoes from our garden, and fresh cracked salt and pepper. I used jarred organic mayo and chopped up my own fresh organic basil to make the basil mayo. It was wonderful and much higher class than my usual, but I have to admit that I still prefer my old standby.

As an adult I'd like to say that my pallet is more refined and that I dislike that childhood sandwich and I prefer my own grown up version, but I'm lying. Sure the tomatoes, bread, and mayo may be organic now but I still prefer white organic grocery store bread to artisanal bread, there's just something about it.

What's your favorite food memory from childhood and/or summertime?

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