Thursday, September 1, 2011

Foodspotting Hot Dog Crawl

Stuffing my face with The Big Kahuna
A vegetarian on crutches in Philly on a hot dog crawl…can it get much more outrageous? No probably not!
My fellow foodspotters and I ventured out on a fine Tuesday night in Philly to taste some of the finest dogs we could find. Obviously I opted out of most of the tastings. Sorry Brauhaus and Supper, your dogs looked and smelled amazing, but the whole reason I went on the crawl was for Hot Diggity! They offer vegetarian Worthington Linketts dogs! I haven't been able to chow down on a veggie dog outside of my home or Citizens Bank Park in awhile and guess what I am hooked! 

I did have potato pancake from Brauhaus and I must say it was pretty tasty!
kasewurst from Brauhaus Schmitzs
Mitch the chef and owner of Supper made the Supper dogs that day from scratch!

 The Big Kahuna dog was my favorite hot dog of all time. The sweetness and the spiciness was absolutely perfect!

The Big Kahuna from Hot Diggity
 The Seattle Grunge was a close second! I never thought of putting cream cheese on a hot dog! 
The Seattle Grunge
I cannot wait to try the other dogs I saw!

The Saigon Fusion
The Windy City
I’m so excited that I found a place with delicious veggie dogs and delicious toppings that my meat eaters friends can enjoy too!


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  2. awesome I put-off buying this for months, despite positive reviews.

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