Sunday, May 2, 2010


On Friday night we met up with some great friends in West Chester. We decided to walk the streets to find some food and drinks and we stumbled on a place Janelle really wanted to try called Teca. It is an awesome Italian style tapas bar. We started the evening at the bar since we were waiting for a table outside and caught up with each other. I had Prosecco, Mionetto, IL Prosecco Veneto, Italy (oh how I love restaurants with websites) it was good, but Dom had the Sauvignon Blanc, Nobilo Marlborough, New Zealand 2008 and it was delicious. When we sat down to eat we actually ordered a bottle of the Sauv Blanc for the whole table since we all enjoyed it. To start out our waiter brought us a cheese plate: Parmigiano Reggiano, Formaggio di Capra (goat cheese), and another cheese that I cannot remember, a meat plate: Prosciutto (air-cured ham), Soppressata (dry cured seasoned salami), and Bresaola (air-cured filet mignon), a bowl of assorted olives, roasted red peppers with some long hots, and Olive Ascolane (gorgonzola and prosciutto stuffed breaded olives). While eating our appetizers the owner came to our table and recommend we try Gewurztraminer, Pinot Grigio, Riesling, Lis Neris “Confini” Friuli 2006. It was one of the best wines I’ve ever had, it was just amazing. I actually wish I had a glass in front of me right now. For our main course Domenick and Bill both decided on one of the specials of the night, which was a 4 cheese risotto with sweet Italian sausage. They said it was “ok” and Bill added that Janelle’s risotto is much better (I’m looking forward to trying it). Janelle and I decided to split at bunch of the small plates. We had house salad, it was nice but there’s not much you can say about salad, grilled langoustines, they were more work than they were worth, sesame crusted seared Ahi tuna over arugula, definitely my favorite dish of the night, and last but not least spinach stuffed gnocchi in a gorgonzola cream sauce. If you go here you need to get the gnocchi, they are amazing. Obviously I didn’t keep to a vegetarian menu for the night but there were plenty of options. They also have a ton of other small plates, bruschette, and panini. I just had to have the tuna! Once again I really wish I used my camera, but with a few drinks in me I’m not sure how well they would have turned out anyway. It was definitely a delicious meal and great time with friends. I look forward to going here again and trying new places in West Chester.

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