Sunday, May 2, 2010


So I’ve been going to Nadia for over 2 years. It is a cute French-Thai place in Lansdale and probably the best restaurant in Lansdale. The reason I love this restaurant is that they make all of my old favorite’s that I used to get with chicken vegetarian for me. On a side note, I really need to start taking pictures when I go out, especially places like this since their food is beautiful.

Nadia is especially great for lunch. You get soup and salad or appetizer and an entrée for less than $9. I always get the lemongrass soup. It is spicy, but has a unique broth that I have never tasted before. Now I get the tofu lemongrass soup, but the chicken lemongrass soup was always good too. I like to get this soup when I have a cold because it really opens up my sinuses.  I had the coconut soup, but that only comes in chicken. It was very tasty.  Domenick always gets the silver soup and he loves it. He says it’s like an Asian chicken noodle soup. As for the apps I normally get the spring rolls (they are vegetarian) and honestly the best spring rolls that I have ever had.  I have tried the crab dumplings and the shrimp corn cake. They were both good but didn’t even come close to touching the spring roll.  I have also tried the Bangkok salad. It is romaine with veggies and a Thai peanut dressing, it is amazing! My favorite item on the menu used to be the Pad See You, which I would recommend to anyone who has never had Thai food. It is actually Dom’s favorite and my moms too. I have also tried the pineapple fried rice and it is very good. For some reason I prefer my Pad Thai from a place in Bethlehem, but Nadia makes a good version.  Mostly when I go to Nadia, it is because I am craving their curry. I have had the Masaman Curry which has carrots and potatoes in a peanut curry (yum), the red curry with basil and veggies (my old favorite) and green curry with basil and veggies (my new favorite). Their curries are all rich and delicious from the coconut milk and very filling. They always offer to make it with tofu for me, but I just ask for extra veggies instead of meat or tofu. I’m not a huge fan of tofu, plus I’m allergic to soy so I limit the amount I eat. I normally eat about ½ my curry and take it home so that I can get dessert. I love their sweet mango with sticky rice. I have no idea how they make their sticky rice but I would be willing to guess that they use coconut milk which give it sweetness. It is also topped with toasted sesame seeds and whipped cream. They always have the freshest, best tasting mangos out there. It’s too big to eat on your own especially after eating their food, so I would suggest splitting it with 2-3 people because the rice really fills you up. Nadia offers a wide variety of meat dishes, including duck, seafood dishes, and vegetarian dishes, so the whole family will be happy.

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