Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Butterflies Healthy Food

I met a friend on Friday night at Butterflies Healthy Food in Skippack. They have a very unique menu that changes daily. They always have soups, salads, free-range organic meats, veg, and vegan entrees. They never use cows milk, processed and bleached flour, hormone treated meats, pesticide managed fruits and veggies. I was highly impressed since this is a restaurant that shares the same values as I do!

We ended up starting out with pineapple smoothies which are made without milk or sugar so it was like a bland slushy. I wouldn’t recommend this; I would actually get one of their iced teas next time. For dinner I had the black bean soup, which was pretty good and a salad. It had mixed greens, mint, sprouts, the best tomatoes ever, carrots, snap peas, red and orange peppers, cucumbers, slivered almonds, ground flax, chia seeds, and pineapple. There might have been some other stuff in it, but that is what I remembered. It was honestly the best salad I’ve ever had. Who ever thought all of those ingredients would come together so perfectly! I got 2 dressings on the side. One was a cilantro lime, and the other was a sesame ginger. I preferred the sesame ginger, but they were both good. My got seafood chowder and she said it was very good. Other menu items that I remember were: mushroom soup, lentil soup, fruit and goat cheese salad, bison burger, bison hot dog, turkey tacos, mushroom ravioli, and a few veggie stir fries.

After we talked and digested for a while we decided to get dessert. They had 2 different kinds of “cheesecake” and we couldn’t decide on which one, so we got both. They are actually raw food which means that nothing is cooked. They were also vegan, so there was no dairy or honey in there. We looked at the ingredients and they were all wonderful but I only remember some of them one had a raw almond crust and the other had raw walnut crust, both crusts were delicious. I do know that the coconut key-lime contained lime juice and lest, coconut, and avocado. The mango contained, dehydrated mango, but I cannot remember the rest of the ingredients. They were both wonderfull, but we agreed that we like the texture of the key-lime better because it was closer to the texture of an actual cheesecake. The avocado just made it amazingly silky. They were both rich and delicious and a much healthier alternative to cheesecake. If you go there, try one of their cheesecakes, you won’t be disappointed.

During dessert we ended up talking to a couple. It was funny because her husband assumed that since the stuff was organic it would taste differently. It does to a certain extent, but mainly because everything is fresh and there are no additives like you get in “normal” American restaurants. I guess our bodies are just used to the highly processed stuff. I never really got hooked on processed crap because my parents didn’t give it to me so for me it was easy to change over to all natural and vegetarian. I guess my point is this café may not be for everyone because it doesn’t have our normal msg, high fructose corn syrup, and other additives, but it is definitely a keeper for me! I think it is important that there is a restaurant that offers meals that person like me can actually eat. Oh and it’s a BYOB so next time I will be bringing some booze.

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