Monday, April 12, 2010

PF Chang's

Since I love good food and cooking, I pretty much hate chains. They tend to have horrible food, food that is bad for you, and little or no veg options. However, PF Chang’s does not fit in my normal description of a chain. Their food is good and there are healthy options. Not all are healthy though, so be careful if you are watching your weight (nutrition facts can be found on their website PF Chang’s has got to be one of the best chains out there for vegetarians and their meat-eater companions. Their vegetarian menu is much more extensive than most places and a lot of their appetizers and sides are vegetarian as well. Plus when I was eating meat, I loved their chicken lettuce wraps and they make a veg version with tofu that is awesome. They also have a lot of meat and seafood options so that everyone is satisfied. They are sharing portions so be prepared, and if you are the only vegetarian you will be leaving with leftovers.

This Saturday we went out to PF Chang’s with a few friends for Domenick’s birthday. I started out with the veg lettuce wraps and they were delicious, as always. I normally get Buddha’s feast with brown rice, but I really wanted fried rice so I got veg fried rice without the egg. Sometimes the fried egg flavor is too intense in fried rice for me. It was very good so I would highly recommend it. A few people tried my veg lettuce wraps and my veg fried rice and they agreed that they were tasty and that the veg lettuce wraps were a close comparison to the chicken version. See, I don’t have to miss out on everything by being a vegetarian!

One thing I highly recommend is the Asian Pear Mojito! It is one of my favorite drinks of all time. They also have good wine and flights (tastings) when you’re in a wine mood. Other winners for the night were the crispy green beans (one of the few things I could try; they were the best fried green beans I’ve ever had), dynamite shrimp, chicken lettuce wraps, and pork fried rice. I do not remember what other people had, but those are just the few people raved about. From past personal meat-eating experience their Mongolian beef is AMAZING and their almond cashew chicken is good too. If you are like me and don’t like chains I suggest you give this one a try, sure it’s not going to be the best food of your life, but it’s a good chain with a ton of options.

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