Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Manayunk Brewfest

So we made our yearly trip to Manayunk brewfest. We always take the train into Manayunk so there is no drinking and driving, which is why we LOVE this brewfest. We also love it for the short lines and the variety of breweries. I must admit this year I was HIGHLY disappointed. This is always our favorite brewfest. However, this year there was ½ the amount of breweries there. Oh and NO VEGGIE BURGERS!!!!! I paid 50 bucks for a shitty t-shirt, a tasting glass and what seemed like 10-15 breweries. It was a big rip off. Apparently the old brewer was a vegetarian, so he always made sure there were veggie burgers, but since he is no longer there, the jerks that run the brewfest only had pretzels for vegetarians. I was so angry at this fact that I ended up not eating during brewfest and getting some pizza across the street when brewfest was over. Victory was there and their beer was yummy, and Mackenzie’s which is a local brewery was also good. Lancaser had their strawberry wheat and that never disappoints me, but all in all it was a big waste of money. I will have to take this into consideration when next year rolls around. Hopefully one of the other brewfests this year will make up for this disappointment!

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