Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Limerick Diner

My parents and I had a great brunch at the Limerick Diner. It is definitely the best diner around since most other diners cannot even cook eggs properly. Anyway their menu is quite large and has a great selection. Normally diner’s that try to be that diverse screw up immensely, but this is not the case with Limerick Diner. My mom said she had the best pancakes in her life, and she likes pancakes so I will take her word for it. I had eggs benedict. They had about 7 different kinds, of course the original and even one with a crab cake. I got one with asparagus and tomatoes. I forget what the name was, but it was amazing. The eggs were poached perfectly, the hollandaise (made in house) was amazing, and the asparagus and tomatoes were very tender. Yummm! I didn’t eat the English muffin, because they are just ok and I wanted to save room for the home fries. The home fries were not the best I’ve ever had, I had to use a lot of salt and some pepper, but they were good. My dad had scrapple (which I think is the most disgusting thing ever created) and 2 eggs over easy, with home fries and white toast. Honestly, he gets the same thing everywhere we go but he said it was really good.

They have a TON of veg friendly and meat friendly options, so I will be back for breakfast and I will definitely make it a point to have lunch and dinner there.

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