Thursday, June 17, 2010

Herbed Cream Cheese

Over the weekend my friend Britt came to visit and just happened to bring bagels from her local market. We decided we wanted something more than boring cream cheese so I made herbed cream cheese for them. Making your own flavored cream cheese is so much better than buying it because you control the quality and quantity of the ingredients and of course you aren’t going to add HFC, MSG, or other harmful additives. For me making herbed cream cheese is rather simple because we grow a ton of herbs. Honestly there’s not going to be measurements for this recipe because I just grabbed a bunch of herbs, washed and dried them, then snipped them with scissors into my cream cheese (organic valley spreadable Neufchatel cheese), added onion and garlic powder and then viola herbed cream cheese.  I used the following herbs: basil, chives, Italian flat-leaf parsley, oregano, and thyme, but feel free to use your favorite herbs. I did not add S & P to my mixture; instead I spread the cream cheese on my bagel and ground fresh salt and pepper on it. It was wonderful and I also used it as a spread on some good whole grain bread. It would be a wonderful dip for veggies too but in that case I would add some S&P to the spread.

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